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The next generation of tablets? – 9-4-2013

The innovation of Tablair Project, a European company and its concept, aims to give a tablet to every cellphone user – in two years time.

The progressive technological innovation, Tablair- where your tablet PC is exclusively a touch screen display with an external source (the smartphone) is expected to reshape traditional ideas about displays, and as such, the whole smartphone and tablet market.

The International patent application has been filed, and published on 15th August 2013.

Tablair is a tablet-sized touch screen, connected to a smartphone (via Wifi, other wireless connection or even wired connection, if necessary). As for its appearance, capacity and functions it is identical to a tablet PC, except for the fact that the source of its functioning is the smartphone.

These qualities of Tablair enable us to tap the enormous possibilities provided by the services and functions of a smartphone: messaging, browsing, photo viewing, reading, watching movies etc. These are quite difficult to do on the small screen of a smartphone, so there is an existing need to which Tablair is the best answer. Tablair not only gives remedy for a small screen, but will also serve as a tablet PC for the user… and all this, for pennies!

It is a well-known fact that many people would like to have a tablet PC. But today’s tablets are basically identical with PCs, laptops and smartphones in services and functions. Almost everyone has a cell phone and almost everyone is changing their cell phone to a smartphone. It is no use doubling the processors, cameras, memories, sim cards etc. A bigger sized screen, which looks like a tablet PC and can be used like one, having a smartphone as the source is an excellent solution. This is Tablair.

Several leading companies, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Nokia etc. have been contacted and negotiations concerning the sales of this concept have started.

No final agreement has been reached, but the stakes are high: which company will win the battle to reach the 5.9 billion cell phone users, one of the big names or a smaller growing company, thus getting a competitive advantage that can not be matched by others in the tablet market.

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