Make the most of it!

Make the most of it! from Tablair Project on Vimeo.

In 2011, 60 million tablets were sold, and in 2012, 120 million. 201 million tablets are prognosed to be sold in 2013, and in 2014, tablet sales are expected to reach 276 million. (Gartner, June 2013).

Tablair Project can make every cell phone user a tablet owner within two years, and the number of sales is defined by the 5.9 billion customer based cell phone market.


  • it builds on the existing need of smartphone users ​​(that is, to have a larger screen in order to make better use of the smartphone functions)
  • ​​a definite, well defined target group may be reached with it, through the already existing marketing channels, with no need for new, very expensive research work
  • ​​for the sale of Tablair the existing cell phone sales channels and distribution are excellent means
  • ​​this is the best offer to go with the smartphone, (especially if compared to a traditional tablet PC) since it is basically a smartphone accessory
  • ​​it makes the end user a tablet user, with no special effort (the user does not need to ’get acquainted’ with a new high tech ’gadget’)
  • ​​Tablair (which in itself will be making a profit), as it is sold in conjunction with a cell phone, makes the purchase of the phone much more attractive, spurring the growth of smartphone sales
  • ​​you are not having to enter the several million customer based tablet market with Tablair or some other tablet PC, but have the exclusive chance to flood the 5.9 billion customer based market of cell phone users with an inexpensive device which has all the required functions and services (international patent application has been filed)